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Emotional Resilience…

…is vital to have in your ‘life toolbox’. This online course will teach you how to create an emotional wellbeing plan for when times get tough at work or at home.

The emotional wellbeing first aid kit is comprised of 6 parts with neuroscience-based techniques to quickly decrease emotional ‘avalanches’. These comprise individual, bespoke, practical tools we can all use (whether we have a mental health problem or not) to help us identify what keeps us well at work, what causes us to become unwell, and the support we would like to receive from our manager to boost our well-being or support us whilst at work.

Work can be satisfying and rewarding and appropriate employment is good for you, but we also know that it can be stressful.

Promoting health and well-being at work is good for the individual and good for business; it is a responsibility that is shared between employees and their managers, but there are no set formulas. Everyone is different and this tool kit offers an easy framework to devise individual plans to survive and thrive at work.


Action Plan:

This 3h online course (£45 pp) will guide you through creating a bespoke and individual toolkit that will enable you to feel more in control of your working life and build strategies for fulfilment both at work and beyond work. By devising your own plan to survive working life and to thrive in your career, you gain satisfaction from work and beat the negative side of stress.

This is a highly interactive & emotionally engaging experience taught through the Zoom platform. No previous experience or training is necessary and it includes the following:

  • Tutor facilitated critical thinking
  • Tutor led role play
  • Mini lectures
  • Group work
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Open to public Saturdays 9am – 12pm*
  • The morning is split into 3 x 45 minute sections with a break in between; each section will deal with a specific topic

*if you would like to book during the week or evening, please note there is a minimum requirement of 6 people and dates are subject to availability

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