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Are you ready?

As we start to ease out of the lockdown period, for many heading back to work after this period of absence is likely to cause some feelings of anxiety and distress.

If we return to the workplace without first making a plan of action of how this will happen, and what it will look like, we are at risk of putting our mental health and well-being under unnecessary pressure, which could result in taking sickness leave due to poor mental health. In order to ease the transition back into the workplace, many people have found it helpful to make explicit plans about how you can get up to speed and adequately prepared after a significant amount of time out of the office.

To help you and your teams achieve this, we have partnered with a mental health expert who specialises in providing tools and advice that help people get back on track after periods of uncertainty. See below for details.


Action Plan:

This 3h online course (£45 pp) will guide you through creating a toolkit that provides a framework to assist individuals and their managers/employers to effectively transition back into the workplace following the prolonged absence of lockdown.

This is a highly interactive & emotionally engaging experience taught through the Zoom platform. No previous experience or training is necessary and it includes the following:

  • Tutor facilitated critical thinking
  • Tutor led role play
  • Mini lectures
  • Group work
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Open to public Saturdays 9am – 12pm*
  • The morning is split into 3 x 45 minute sections with a break in between; each section will deal with a specific topic

*if you would like to book during the week or evening, please note there is a minimum requirement of 6 people and dates are subject to availability

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