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‘Host’ our wellness classes on our platform or your own

We have a wonderful wellbeing online platform with over 200+ online classes of Yoga, Barre, Fitness and Pilates which we can host on our platform called EbbFlowYoga.tv or on your intranet, business FaceBook page or Yammer site.

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Imagine if you are working from home or working from a hotel room…

This platform can allow your company to offer wellness to everyone no matter where they are, a special unlimited access to lots of workouts, mindful breathing, meditation and restorative classes.  Access for a corporate account where you buy licenses in bulk for our platform start from as low as £4pp/pm and video rental from as low as £0.10 per video/pd

  • Pilates for back pain, tutorials to show you how ‘the breath’ really helps manage your back pain, ease you back to feeling stronger and more supported.
  • New to yoga? No problem – we have a series of 4 online videos to help the absolute beginner to learn everything they need to know to start yoga.
  • Perfect your skills: our ‘how to’ videos help you to deepen your understanding of a posture or a linked movement.
  • 170+ videos to choose from: with lessons that range from 10 mins to 90 mins!
  • Daily live streams


Lease or hire our class videos 

Why not hire our videos? We can lease you any of the 200+ videos (your choice) so you can host these on your own community site. Imagine releasing an online beginners guide to yoga or a back pain routine for those needing support!

Facebook live broadcasting and online interviews and talks are also available.

Ask us about hiring some videos for your company today!

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