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Desk Yoga & Physio Led Back Support Sessions 

Most of us spend long hours sitting at our office desks hunched over a computer or laptop, especially during the time we are working at home as we are seated on chairs meant for dining and at differing table heights. 

Long hours of sitting combined with unhealthy habits such as slouching, bending your head forward, and repetitive typing have led to a huge rise in musculoskeletal problems. These have long-term health implications on your workforce such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain – all of which can be prevented if we just stop each day for 20 mins and move!

We have therefore devised a series of short but effective tension-releasing sessions perfect for those who can’t find space to lay down on a mat, as we run these sessions from a seated or standing position.

Classes are streamed live and last for around 15/20 mins so that as we broadcast your teams can get moving in unison. Feedback from our clients show that a little time to re-set and re-energise their minds and bodies makes for a happy and productive day.

Pre-recorded videos are also available, enabling you to host our videos within your intranet, Facebook at Work or other workplace platforms like Yammer. 


Benefits of moving at your desk:

  • Releases the extra pressure put on your spine from spending extended time sat down
  • Improves your posture overall and increases posture awareness
  • Releases tension from ‘creaky’ neck and aching backs
  • Enables the ability to focus and clear your head
  • Offers time to de-stress and improves mental health
  • Lowers the risk of carpal tunnel and joint related health issues
  • Engages the core and improves stability in the lower back


How does it work?

You schedule in the date and time for these sessions (we recommend around twice a week) and we can either provide a platform to host these live session or we can host them within your platform (WebEx, Zoom, Teams etc.)

We monitor the class alongside each the teacher to ensure there are no technical issues and the class can run as smoothly as possible. Often staff members may leave their audio running, may have issues getting signal or need to ask a question so our monitor can be on hand to answer any queries as they appear rather than interrupt the teacher.

We also offer additional desk tasters such as those outlined below.


Relieve stress and improve your posture with our on-site massage therapists.

Book weekly appointments, or tailor our services for a company event.


Please note this is not available as a virtual service.


Let us equip you with skills and practical techniques to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks through calm and grounding breath work in a 10 minute exercise where the focus is to relieve tension. Finish feeling relaxed and focused, knowing that this can be done at any time of the day.