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Working with you and your communications team, we would recommend you start with a questionnaire to ascertain the types of classes your colleagues would like to take part in.

We can provide classes either online from our platform (or yours) or our teacher can come to your offices.  We have taught in visitors centres, empty meeting rooms, hotel conference rooms, manicured lawn areas, outdoor concourses or in studios on-site. The choice is yours!

Due to ongoing Covid-19 regulations our live streamed classes are popular at the moment to bring a little movement and mobility as well as strengthening and stretching tired, tight muscles to your workforce’s homes. Our teams can provide advice as to the right class for you and we can always offer a number of different classes across a week to ensure everyone has access to something they will benefit from.


Live streamed or on-site classes:

Pilates (45 mins)

Suitable for all levels, in particular those with very little Pilates experience or anyone with back, spine or mobility issues including osteoporosis.  Feeling out of shape, recovering from a previous illness or regaining strength after pregnancy? Improve bone strength, overall strength, balance, stability and co-ordination through the classical Pilates method that teaches control and awareness of the entire body.

Yoga (45 mins)

Whether you attend regular yoga classes or you can’t touch your toes, this class will help you to improve flexibility and mobility. Suitable for everyone this flowing sequence will give you some time out from your busy day and help you to re-energise & re-focus.

Barre (45 Mins)

Barre is an upbeat mix of ballet and Pilates. You need absolutely no experienced of either! The workouts can really help shape the body; they sculpt and tone a whole range of muscles whilst also improving strength. It’s low impact so ideal for those with past injuries or niggles which limit jumping. Expect high intensity with minimal rest – you’ll feel great afterwards!

Meditation (30 mins)

Most first-time meditators find it strange to sit in silence, to sit with their innermost thoughts and feelings and do nothing. Learn the basics with our half hour sessions for beginners and get comfortable in guided silence.

Desk Yoga (20 mins)

Got tech neck? We spend a great deal of time sitting at desks, on chairs, or hunched over laptops. Take a quick break to stretch out tight muscles, ease tension & re-energise.

Fitness (30 mins)

Live sessions led by our personal trainer – no equipment required! Using only bodyweight, we will focus on key areas of the body to improve strength, increase muscle definition and create a functional & protective core.


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