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Good health and well-being is vital for employee engagement and organisational performance; even though the office may be empty, people are the heartbeat of any company, so healthy people means a healthy company.

There are 7 fundamental dimensions of wellbeing that need greater focus within the corporate world, and at Ebb&Flow we have gone beyond our expertise in yoga, Pilates, nutrition, and indeed technology with our new bespoke online services to accommodate all of these and tailor them to suit our clients’ needs.

While for most the majority of emphasis still sits on physical and mental wellness, we have gone deeper to ensure that all vital aspects of wellbeing are looked after. This includes not only social wellness and the ability to interact and build relationships, but goes all the way through to intellectual and spiritual development; your employees should feel aligned with their career path as well as their values.

Total wellness in this respect is brought to life through the development and delivery of our tailored corporate packages to suit the various needs of each organisation, working with clients such as Chelsea FC, Bionic Energy, London Film School, Tideway PLC and Pfizer UK across all of these essential areas.

Most of these companies have taken their tailored packages online, to suit the needs of their staff during this time and help provide that sense of community we are missing with everyone working from home. As the world has adapted to a new way of working and the new concept of social distancing we too have changed the way we work and now offer all of our services through various online platforms.

People fuel our businesses and looking after their wellbeing is key to ensuring greater resilience, productivity and retention across our organisations.

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