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Nutrition Fundamentals: a client’s perspective

Andrew Brown – Head of Safety & Wellbeing


“It’s been incredibly eye opening and beneficial to our workforce to have a nutritional therapist from the Ebb&Flow team come and work with our staff on site, and they were able to flex the timings and tailor the package to match our needs.

We had an initial overview and presentation for 30 minutes at 07:30am (which is the start of the shift across our sites in East London), and then throughout the rest of the morning staff were able to pop in for private consultations and ask questions about their own health.

All the feedback was then collated, and while individual responses remain anonymous to protect confidentiality, having this overview was extremely valuable to the business as an insight into what we need to focus on as a company.

I think ones of the biggest advantages with this service is convenience. The work we do at Tideway is physically demanding and having this available to us reduces the need for employees to take days off; they can see a health professional in their coffee break.”


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